Friday, November 13, 2009

The beauty of an original #7

A litle bit of all of the above? And a dash of Froud and pinch of Labyrinth?

This little creature was made by a very dear friend of mine, Laura, when I was keenly encouraging her to try her hand at dolls. I knew anything she created would come out marvelously, her work and tastes always reminds me of the faerie world created by Brian Froud. This little guy reminds me of the goblins of The Labyrinth... I can definately see him frolicking with David Bowie.... maybe it's the polka dot tights...

I thought I'd share him here, since I am in full doll collector mode. You might as well forget my name as just refer to me by that title, the Doll Collector.

Laura Jade Hindes - Smaragd

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