Sunday, November 8, 2009

Breathe, Rusty Breeze - Completed

My plate, all glazed and finished!

When participating in the FONAS Plate Auction, you're given a ceramic plate to paint on, that will be auctioned off to raise funds for the school. I always get very excited to go the event, because it's the first time you see your plate since you handed it in to be fired. The glazes always change colour slightly, certain tones might disappear, others might get darker or stronger.
They hung her a little off kilter, her hair was meant to be billowing out more to the side... but oh well! I'm happy with how she turned out, and she sold to a home too, after a small bidding war - always pleasant to see!

It was a very fun experience, I love getting to draw on surfaces other than paper. I know whilst I was working on this plate I was contemplating doing an entire series! But that would only add yet another project to the looming mountain that is my "to do and to finish" list. So, until next year's plate show!


  1. Oh she's lovely! I love her cami too. hehe. I adore all the earthtones you use, earthtones make me feel at peace. :)

  2. So lovely! It'd be a shame to cover her in food!!!! ^-^

  3. Darling noxy and aneemal, thanks so much for your support and sweet words!

    Noxy - I agree. Right now I am finding a lot of comfort in earthy colours, soft muted tones, greens and creams. Even though her hair is flaming red and billowing about, she still has a quietness to her...


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