Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Philomena's Portrait

As I’ve been thinking of the art-dolls that I’ve been adopting lately as muses, I like to put them to work as soon as I can.

This little Victorian urchin is a portrait of Philomena, my first Black-Eyed Suzie acquisition.

I find it interesting though challenging to try to capture a portrait likeness of not only a doll, but also of someone else’s artwork and style. Not only is it a little tricky to keep the portrait style in my own vein of work, but also to keep the figure looking like a believable character rather than a frozen “doll”. Well, the latter was not such an issue here, as Sarah’s dolls are so full of emotion and brimming with expression. In fact, much more so than my humble depiction of her, I just couldn’t quite capture that exquisite melancholy gaze!

One of the most lovely things about Sarah’s dolls is there expressive hand made eyes. There is such depth to them, to which no watercolour drawing on paper can compare.

The muse and the resulting artwork:


  1. So glad I found your blog and shop, your art work is wonderful, just love the faces you draw

  2. darling karey - thank you so much for that sweet comment!!! I love hearing feedback, and yours just made my day :-)

  3. I absolutely adore this artwork, please say you will have a print in this cause i would just have to buy it straight away!!

  4. Hello emmelie,

    Your comment was just adorable, made me smile!

    I've sent the little artwork off to Sarah faber, the artist who made the doll, as a thank you.
    However, I have similar drawings for sale in my etsy shop :-)

    I'll be working on and adding more soon as well


Oh! How did you know? I absolutely adore comments, thank you! :-) I appreciate all the feedback I get xx