Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Wide-eyed Coquettes

They're wide eyed and bushy tailed... and even if I tried I couldn't deny that a certain Black-Eyed Suzie aesthetic has crept its way into these girls.......

Serious Flora
Stern, steely, serious Flora.
Dressed like an angel, with a glare cold enough to freeze your little heart.

With a very enchanted-doll-esque collar and corset....

Scarlet Romantic
A little lady in red. Her roses have wilted and her letters have been read, crumpled, and tossed aside.


  1. aww i love scarlet romantic, she would make such a cute doll. it's so interesting to see your interpretations of enchanted doll look and also black eyed suzie (gah i can't wait til i can get one of her ladies!)

  2. Darling annina,

    As always, thankyou for your sweet comments here on my cherished blog. Commentors are sexy - So I think you're the prettiest of them all ;-)

    I would strongly encourage you to adopt a Black-Eyed Suzette, I adore her work. (And you know how I feel about ED's, so I must have good taste :-P !)

    In her shop she still has one of her pretty girls for sale, Phillipa. Who I *CAN'T* believe hasn't sold yet (I'm half thinking of adopting her too, she's beautiful, I'm shocked!! But I already adopted one this last round who's a similar colour, and I'm hoping in the next shop update I can adopt one with different colours)
    She's also got a few of the ornaments (they have no feet, but you can hang them up)

  3. Monika, yes she is beautiful, i think though that i would like a dark haired girl from her. and i have to wait till i have doll/art money again, sometime after christmas or in january after my birthday i will be looking again, checking so i can be right there like the ninja i am when new ones are put on etsy! ;)


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