Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The beauty of an original #10

I have admired this artists work for a long time. I remember discovering her work as a teenager and just falling deeply in love with the characters she creates, and the melancholy world they inhabit. I have always been deeply inspired and in awe of the sheer amount of drawings Natalia has made. I do not know how she finds the hours in the day to produce all that she has. It is something I wish I could emulate, just draw draw draw!

Now that I'm in my frivolous Art-Collecting mode, I was delighted when she decided to sell this original, one of my favourites from her "Precious Things" limited-edition art-book. And it truly is amazing, to look at all the details up close in real life. Her style and technique is wonderful to behold in the flesh. It's definitely left me hungry for more.

So here's a little snapshot of her beautiful drawing after I framed it, and some of the other muses posing delightfully infront. They'll be introduced later!

Natalia Pierandrei - Pioggia (Rain)


  1. Did you nab another BlackEyedSuzie doll this time round?! I just discovered her blog through yours...I love the Internet!! *flicks through Mayple's blog roll*

  2. ...aneemal... I may just have. Lol. I missed out on the two I had my heart set on, they sell so quickly! But the one I got is beautiful, she looks just like fern!!
    I'm utterly and completely in love with Black-eyed suzie's dolls. I've been composing a love poem to her.. I mean, a blog entry to introduce the dolls I've adopted from her. Tee-hee.

    *cheers* to loving the internet, I'm amazed at how many talented people one can discover from all around the world. That's why I'm enjoying posting about the artist's whose work I've aquired... I think they're amazing and well worth introducing to others!!!

  3. Ooooooooh O_o !! I'm SO jealous ! I LOVE this illustration !! I have her artbook too and this drawing is the last of the book... it's one of my favourite too ! Awww really I envy you :D ! The frame is perfect !


  4. Thanks darling, it was one of my very favourites in her art book, so I was so happy when she put it up for sale. I definately want to buy more of her originals, patiently waiting for my favourites to come up for sale ^_^

  5. Yes I understand ^_^ ! What are your other favourites in the artbook ?? I love 'Agata in the Enchanted Garden' , 'A sky full of stars' (I LOVE this one) , 'Sunset Angel', 'The Equilibrist', 'Rain'... and especially 'Whispers' this one is so beautiful.

    I would like to have originals but I can't, it's a pity ^_^'

    Are you on Facebook ? Because I created the 'Fan Group' on Nati and when I saw your photos (with 'Rain') I thought to create an album 'Photos' and if you want, I will put your photos ! I have some photos too :) with her ACEOs... if you don't want, I will understand ^_^

    Sorry for my bad english !

  6. all your drawings are fabulous, i love them all


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