Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I've attempted to slip unnoticed back into the daily grind after a glorious month away, of not having to do anything at all if I don't want to, of swinging in porch chairs and napping to the sound of summer birds, of walks in the woods and deer-spotting and turtle catching and frog chasing.

Alas, a month off work certainly planted the seed of what 'freedom' feels like in me. But cold wintery reality came creeping back at the emptying of my bank account and whispered secret words of wisdom and temptation I could not refuse.

So here I am back in Sydney, back to full time work, and when I have snippets of spare time, back to my drawing desk. I have some new pieces in the works, oh but for some time to dedicate to them!!!

Stay tuned for more :-)


  1. welcome home dear Monika, i hope you can soon live your dream of drawing full time, it would be wonderful for you!

    ooh the golden swirls are back, i love them!!


  2. from the initial sketches you're working on I think they will be fantastic artworks :)

    ah the joys of holidays, and then the agony of the reality of work :(


  3. Sometimes everyone needs permission to be totally "off the clock", even from the things they love doing. Your work is beautiful and I'm sure you'll get back to your regular pace soon enough. :)

  4. Beautiful sketches! Looking forward to seeing them completed! :)

  5. Lovely darling, thank you for you sweet and encouraging comments!! I can't mope for ever, so chin up and back at it!


Oh! How did you know? I absolutely adore comments, thank you! :-) I appreciate all the feedback I get xx