Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Romance and Nostalgia...

When was the last time you received a beautifully hand written letter or card in the mail?
Scented with parfume and sealed with a kiss?
Covered in postage stamps from far away lands?

There is a hopeless romantic within me and I know my heart skips a beat every time the postman comes by. A letter? A parcel wrapped in brown paper and tied with twine?
Usually, it's with something un-romantic and un-exciting like a bill or bank statement.
But sometimes.... the postman brings a parcel wrapped in brown paper and filled with possibilities... that I pretend I haven't paid for myself and purchased on etsy, and pretend instead that it's a mysterious gift from a secret admirer... (even if the illusion only lasts for a few seconds, it is sweet nonetheless!!)

I now get to announce something that hopefully, will help you to know this same feeling of old-worldy letter receiving.... or at least, sharing that feling by *writing* to others!

I have created a small edition of gorgeous glossy postcards with a selection of my watercolour illustrations from my portfolio.... and they are just tickling me pink!

They came out astounding, I love them! I wish I had a more thorough address book as opposed to email list!

And I think the best part is the quality is so scrumptious they can double as delightful small prints, whether they're displayed in a vintage frame or simply pinned to the wall, I think they'll look divine!
I just couldn't be more excited about these :-)

I had ten designs printed - (I realised I only *had* ten horizontal format illustrations!) - and am selling them as single cards, and in packs of 5 and 10.

They are of course, obtainable in my ~etsy boutique~

So get those quills and fountain pens out! The jars of ink! Pour yourself a glass of something scandalous, light the candles, and start composing ;-)


  1. I love the postcards! I'll have to order some later!

  2. Good to hear Ashley! So long as stocks last! ;-)


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