Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Cold nights by the fire... I mean heater

Cold nights by a tiny heater, snuggled up on a Victorian style lounge reading Gormenghast. A gothic castle falling into decay and an eccentric cast of dark and sullen characters. I have fallen in love with the imagery of the scenes and Mervyn Peake's hauntingly emotive descriptions.
Given to me as a gift, I cringed at a distant memory of watching the film as a teenager with a friend who was utterly besotted by the young male antagonist. I say cringe because he's quite cruel and conniving. But I'm thoroughly enjoying the read. A delightfully macabre tale of the melancholy and desolate.

I've been dreaming endlessly of illustrating it.... maybe one day :-)

Other than that, I ask you: what could be more thrilling as an artist than new art materials?

With a stationary store closing down nearby, and oh so tempting discounts, I couldn't resist... so I succumbed and spoiled myself to some high quality new watercolour paints and those amazing watercolour block-pads that I've only ever drooled hungrily over.

These cost me a pretty penny, but they're the sort of thing that when full priced, you just gaze longingly at.....With my first Art Trade in the works with an artist whom I admire greatly, I wanted to have some yummy materials at the ready! :-D


  1. I am finishing reading Jane Eyre, which contains some gothic aspects, and now I am craving for more...I'll give a try to Gormenghast next!

    I know exactly how you feel about art supplies. Whenever I enter a shop that sells these items, I get stuck in wonder for hours...mainly because I want to buy everything, but I can't, so I linger and dream (my husband hates it ;)). I am overcome with the feeling that I could create who knows what masterpieces with all those goodies...not to mention the art and craft books (with those I am even worse!!!). I am curious...who are you trading with, eh?

  2. Hi hi Astera! Thanks as always for your yummy comments, especially on my blog :-)

    Before you get carried, it's not marina. lol :-)

    And if you can get through the first gruelling chapters of gormenghast, the rest is a much easier read, and a great story to get into :-)

  3. Is it Nati??????? :)

  4. I was thinking of Nati too, actually :D!


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