Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Orchid Border

I've decided to try and complete all my unfinished pieces before I start any new ones....

(now stop right there.... I know you were about to say you've heard me say THAT before.... but this time I really mean it!)

I've found that I've slowed right down at the "colouring" stages of my process again. I'm taking a lot of care but pieces are taking days to weeks to complete. Surely if I solely concentrate on the thirteen images I have sitting here uncoloured, and colour all of them, I'll learn a thing or two and even get my speed up a little bit?

So it's a count down. This one was number 13. I finished it today. Twelve more to go....

The problem is I started this piece so long ago (I finished drawing it a year ago and only got around to adding the first dabs of colour a couple days ago!) that there was obviously a use I had intended for it.... but it's long since forgotten.

Any ideas of what I could use it for? It seems a shame to waste such a nice inviting space in the centre......

(I might have to talk to my website designer!!)


  1. Ok...first, the effort and care you put in coloring this piece is perceptible...so what if the process takes time? The result is gorgeous!

    Second, the use... I think that it would look great as a frame for your Orchid designs website...it probably would require to expand the empty space vertically, so that the beautiful reclined figure does not cover or get covered by other items...I don't know if that's possible at all, though.
    Otherwise, you could use it as a personal card design: your name, address and/or URLs written in an elegant font could go right there in the middle....

  2. I agree with astera, a banner or the like for your Orchid Couture site or a personal card would be loverly. I could definitely see this as a business card.

    maybe a 'thanks-for-purchasing' note to be sent along with etsy customers?

    Or a little picture to go on your site with the title "What's worrying mayple" And have the inside change with your worryings. (er... Lady Orchid in the picture looks worried or upset to me.) ex: "TWELVE more to finish!" or "Fern wants another photo shoot/outfit/sister!"

  3. I absoutely adore Ms Noxy's idea of "What's worrying Mayple?"
    That devine painting just screams...
    "What should I wear?"
    "She said WHAT??"
    "Where am I going to get the money for my next ED?"
    "The temperature tomorrow is going to be how low? I think I'm going to faint."
    She has so many possibilities, least of all a gorgeous business card.
    Love Jayne xxx

  4. Agreed- with the quality of the coloring it's no wonder it takes time :)

    I think this piece calls for an entire stationary set with moss green envelopes and golden seals. <3

  5. I love this piece. The detail of he flowers are gorgeous. Great job!

  6. Love the suggestions lovely ladies!!!!

    Though I doubt I will use it as such, Noxy that's a pretty cute idea. I do worry....a lot.
    And yes, fern does want a plethora of Enchanted Doll Companions! (so much to sigh about!)


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