Monday, August 16, 2010

Leda likes Bunnies

A cute little picture I drew for my boss’s daughter’s birthday.

You know you’re “in” when the boss’s daughter likes you… even if she’s only 4 years old!

Did you know my biggest and most desperate dream is to illustrate full time for children’s books? Well… now you do!
I hope you like this other side to my “style”.


  1. I love your more 'childish' illustrations. Your characters have just the right degree of humour and detail (like those of Chris Riddell - who wrote the 'Ottoline' series, but definitely your own) feels very natural.

    Persue your dream!!!!!!!!

  2. Hi Mayple,

    Your style is perfect for children's book, so sweet and soothing with enough details to even keep adult readers like me entranced!

  3. This is lovely!
    what paper have you used?
    I would love to illustrate childrens books aswell would be so much fun.

  4. Thank you for the cute comments and words of encouragement, it's great to get such feedback!!

    Jaymie - I always use watercolour paper. I used to use crappy sketchbook paper when I was younger, but it's NOT worth it - it has ZERO absorbency!!

  5. your ilustrations are wonderfull and so full of life!

  6. You should do the children's books you want to do. Whether or not you can get someone to publish them, they'd be beautiful and the illustrations would be fascinating pieces individually! :)


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