Tuesday, August 24, 2010

It's that time of the year again.....

The FONAS Artist Plate Show!!!!

Every year the National Art School in Sydney (where I completed my Bachelor of Fine Arts) invites selected Artists to paint on a hand-thrown ceramic plate. The plates are then auctioned off on an exciting night to raise money for the school.
Attracting such well known names as Wendy Sharp, Cherry Hood, Rudy Kistler, and of course... Mr. Squiggle!!

I managed to worm myself in again this year, so this will be my third year to participate.

Oh yes: Officially pausing my count-down challenge of unfinished artworks... Hey, come on, this is a special excuse!! :-)

2010 Plate... ahh, the endless possibilities of blank canvas... or in this case, blank ceramic:

Here's the second plate I created last year in 2009:

Breathe, Rusty Breeze

And the very first one I completed in 2008:
please click to view slightly bigger, I haven't mastered how to post decent sized pictures on my blog yet, they always get cut off :-(


  1. oh dear! These are marvelous! I am smitten by Brugmansia! I think this is one of your best works! Please, put it on dA and I'll favorite it to death!!

    To paint these plates, do you use the same technique that Marina uses for her dolls or is it a different one?

  2. Gorgeous plates! I can't wait to see this years plate!

  3. Thanks girls ^_^

    Astera - the plate is already on my DA account. Because it's 2 years old, it's probably on page 4 or so of my gallery - trawl through if you dare ;-)

    As for the painting technique, the artists are supplied with top quality ceramic paints, that don't smudge or run together once the clear glaze is applied over the top.
    For Brugmansia I just painted my picture straight onto the plate.
    For Rusty Breeze I etched the lines in with a needle point and filled them in meticulously, scraping off the excess, then painting in the shading and colours.

  4. Oh yay, plates! I guess it has been a year already-- I remember reading about your last plate. I'm excited to see what you create ;)

    <3 Kimmi


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