Saturday, September 4, 2010

The months ahead....

...are going to be busy.

I've already mentioned working on my entry for the 2010 FONAS plate auction. I finally started working on it last night, and I have to have it finished this week for firing, eep!

Here it is so far:

I also got bullied into signing up for the 2010 Chalk Urban Arts Festival. This is sure proof that my sanity has departed. As someone who works on a small scale, usually between 15 - 20 cm.... what was I thinking when I said yes to a 4 day outdoor event where I have to complete a chalk artwork on the pavement in a 2m x 2.4m scale???? I've been involved in previous years as a spectator, supporter and volunteer, but never as an artist.

So, if you're in Sydney between October 7th - 10th come and say hi!

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