Saturday, September 11, 2010

My prints featured alongside Enchanted Doll

Earlier this year I completed 9 original artworks as a competition entry for Enchanted Dolls. I never thought I would actually see them in use the way I had intended them, fitting perfectly into the (old) Enchanted Boxes.

Can you imagine my bursting joy and overwhelming pride when I saw one of my works featured in this video for Marina's latest show, "In Wolves Clothing" at the ShowSpace Gallery in London.

Edit: Sunday, This Just In-ned: Marina's latest Blog Entry

Marina just posted a new shot of Silk Road, one of her dolls travelling to New York for an exhibition... I am utterly speechless and delighted to see another of my drawings as the backdrop!!

This has made me so happy, and it delights me so to see that she has chosen the prints that echo the dolls the most. For "Beauty" she chose my version of "The Vessel", covered in pale blue flowery tattoo's to match her doll, and for "Silk Road" she matched her with a similarly henna painted depiction of "Shapeshifter/Kia".

Do you know the feeling when for one reason or another you suddenly feel yourself looking at your own work in a despairing way (yes, it happens to me, and can drag on for weeks unless there is a shift in circumstances) then like a small miracle, a few things align themselves to overjoy you and restore your hope.. Marina showing my drawings with her dolls, and the recently completed art-trade with Nati being such a success have been such miracles for me. I'm thrilled and touched and so so so so honoured.


  1. Hey Monika, congrats on your featured painting!
    What an honour and what a suprise! I bet one day you'll be featured on the new tin boxes! ;)
    p.s. Did you get my emails?

  2. This is so exciting! Congratulations, Monika! Wow, your painting was really prominently featured and looks just wonderful. The viewers will love it!

  3. Thanks ladies!! Amal... I love your optimism... but I highly doubt it :-)

  4. Congrats! Your paintings of ED are beautiful and what an honor!

    You just never know... or maybe you create your own dolls and package them in boxes featuring your illustrations?

  5. They really look well together the ED and their portraits...;)


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