Sunday, September 5, 2010

Originals for Sale

I have just added the six beautiful artworks I exhibited earlier this year to my etsy shop. I'm trying to raise money for future art projects (I really would like to get a delightful selection of quality Giclee prints made up, and even start thinking about a whole range of t-shirt designs.)
.... as well as fantasizing about saving for this....

My artworks are executed in soft layers of watercolours, and they are each matt-framed on an A4 scale, which makes them really easy to frame once they arrive.
The "Original Artwork" section of my shop also has some un-framed pieces that are effectively listed at a highly discounted sale rate, barely more than a lot of digital prints that are on etsy.
The "Sale Darlings" section has some sweet girls, all lonely and looking for new homes.

Leave a little message in the "note to seller" section of your purchase, and I'll include a special little gift to anyone who finds their way over from my blog!!

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