Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Out and about...

I had the delight of attending a few inspiring and exciting events recently, and I would just love to share!!

Meet the Designers, 2010
Victoria Buckley's luxurious jewellery boutique has participated in a couple of ravishingly fancy soiree's recently, including the 2010 meet the designer's evening.
The whole Strand glams up and beautiful creatures flit about. At the boutique we got to showcase some very rare and expensive Diamonds and Pearl Strands.

Shaun Tan, Live 2010
I also had the extreme luck of getting to see my favourite Australian Children's Book illustrator, Shaun Tan, in person. He started and finished a drawing Live on the night, that was auctioned off at the end to help raise funds for the ILP (Indigenous Literary Project). Shaun Tan's world is one that is so full of magic and imagination, it has been an endless source of inspiration since I first discovered his work.

No Fixed Address.
This is the title of High Tea with Mrs Woo's latest collection, and it fills me with chills, and nostalgia for places I have never been.
I have been a great fan of the work of these three sisters ever since they first opened up their delightful boutique right next to where I live. Esepcially recently when my own fixed address is fading away, hearing the girls talk on the night about what inspired this collection was really moving. Enjoy a few snapshots of their current season (and visit their incredible website, too!!)

No fixed address is the beginning of another new adventure with High Tea with Mrs Woo. Seeking escape into unkown landscapes, this collection of garments and objects tells tales of endless voyages to far away places.

Soaring high into the sky, light layers of cotton gauze in oversized tops and angled skirts fold and billow in the breeze. Translucent textures and embroidered patterns cast across dresses and trousers like passing clouds on a sunny day. Like the wings of a plane, the pleats and folds of collared wrap tops and toggled jackets, form and take shape, awaiting flight.

With a Nancy-bird’s eye view of the gathering greenery below, home seems like a long and distant memory. Home is now wherever she is, wherever she goes.

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