Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Flickr Account

I was recently given some advice that I really should use my flickr and facebook more to promote my artwork. This made me squeamish.

My flickr? You mean... that messy scrap-book monster with all sorts of random photographs thrown into my account that serves basically as a hosting service so I can then upload it all into my nice, thought-out, ordered blog?? It's like being told to clean your room when your nine years old.... as you stare at the impenetrable fortress of mess and junk (that is essentially all your loved possessions thrown into a huge pile) you think it is surely impossible....

But I went through, created folders to house sub folders, ordered them into themes, and got it all looking semi decent. So if you ever feel the need, here it is:

My Photostream

ps. the silk dollies for the newly acquainted are made by Crystal A Suh


  1. wow well done for being super efficient! i've been told too that flickr and facebook are great for promotion but they seem to be rather intimidating to me = to keep in order and up to date, i mean :)

    the silk dollies look gorgeous by the way

  2. Does Facebook still claim ownership of whatever image you post on it? More and more artists are using it, though...so it must work well for expanding your audience...:)

  3. I've been hesitant to use Facebook because of the copyright issue they have with photos. I think you can reach people through it but I'm pretty sure they have the right to use that image without your consent.

  4. I myself haven't made the move to start promoting on my facebook account, specifically for the copyright reasons you have mentioned, and secondly because I'm really unsure how to go about it. Writing "Hi Guys I have a New Blog POst Up, Go Look!" every single time I post something seems so boring and useless, and I doubt people will actually look...... hence why I haven't moved to twitter either.

    As for the issue of them using your images, I actually don't think it's that different elsewhere on the internet, meaning: anyone can right click any of my images and run off with them (No this is NOT permission, it's a sad fact that there are people out there like that)

    The only way to "combat" this is to upload a low resolution image (which seems to totally counter the whole point of promoting your art) and have a clear, large digital stamp of your name on the picture somewhere, so at least if it's re-posted somewhere, viewers can find you by typing in your name.....

    The benefits I would see of using my facebook account for promoting my art, is friends or acquaintances of mine who don't follow my blog might at least still get some updates and be inspired to follow the link to my etsy shop.................. :-) lol

  5. I know all about this! Or actually, I should say, "I know I'm supposed to be doing this and am at wit's end trying to figure out what I'm supposed to be doing first." I used to use flickr quite a lot a few years ago but slowly let it trickle off. Now I have to force myself to upload doll pictures every once in a while. It became a huge mess when I didn't reactivate my pro account because it sort of picks and chooses what it keeps and withholds. There are hundreds of pictures still linked to my account that you cannot see till I reactivate it but at this point, I know I'd want them neat and tidy and it's a huge bother.

    The cross publicity and accessibility is what has me trying to integrate things to tumblr. Tumblr has a lot of automatic functions that incorporate itself into your other sites and it can also extract from different sites to create one seamless blog (...but).

    It seems ideal for a first time blogger (because as you know, I'm having problems with the dual usage.)

    Right now, I'm using blogger and it auto-feeds into tumblr which thereby auto updates my Facebook. But, probably I'm supposed to have a FB fan site and professional Twitter if I want to get serious. ***rolls eyes*** With all this web updating, I don't know when I find time to sew.

    I CAN say, your flickr is looking neat, good job- you can go out and play now. ;)

  6. What's your thoughts on twitter? I just started that and it feels so random. Also I can't seem to view my posts on other peoples twitter pages after I post them. Only on my own page. Not very satisfying. I guess if you update allot and have exciting things happening... I just started my art blog! I got inspired by the Artist Who Blog website and decided it was time. Any tips on getting my blog out there? getting followers? :) I didn't know that about copyright and facebook! Yes I was thinking the same I would eventually get a FB fan site. ***rolls eyes*** too. But I feel a bit zonked after three days of setting up my blogger! I did put some of my work on flickr it seems fun.

  7. Hello Lorraine. I actually have quite distinct thoughts on twitter, and there was a reason I didn't mention it amongst the list of things I am thinking of undertaking.

    I am essentially a visual person, I communicate best with my art - I am not a witty, funny, comedic individual, I do not think I could churn out deviously hillarious snippets in short sentances for twitter. And what is the point of me simply repeating "I have a new drawing up....go to my blog to see" over and over again?

    I also (obviously) like nice long comments, where I can explain myself indepth.. this is not an option on twitter. I shy away from little gossip statements, and nothing so exciting happens in my everday life for me to be constantly twittering. I work full time, my art comes in bursts on my free days, then I can blog about any achievements.

    I haven't actually gotten a FB fan page, I'm just doing it through my own private page about me. My art and I are not separate, my art is my life.

  8. Thank you for your thoughts! I am starting to get the jist of blogging.


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