Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Latest Inspiration

Feeling in an odd and oogie mood today, I laid aside my pressing to-do list, curled up on the couch in a miserable ball and decided to watch a DVD I had just been given as a gift. I do not own a television, so obviously this means I do not watch mundane mainstream TV shows, but beautiful films are always a treat. 
The film I saw today was incredibly beautiful, and has filled me with awe and inspiration. I can see already that it's style and mood will in some way influence me, and definitely my art. 

"The secret of Kells" is an animated film set in the ninth century, revolving around the safe-keeping and completion of the Book of Kells. Whilst I won't go into the entire story (I URGE you to see it for yourselves) I was captivated by the imagery, the imagination, and the art..... most of all I was entranced by the forest-sprite character Aisling, who looks just like the misty-haired, smoky-eyed girls I've been so drawn to lately.
From a young age I have been smitten with the thought of the Forest. The sort of forest that in fairytales is the home to a proud stags and elusive deer, to elves and faeries and spirits of the trees.... this film beautifully captured the mysterious, enchanting, and dangerous aspects I am so drawn to.

When I started drawing "seriously" as a thirteen year old, I drew a green-haired forest girl over and over again. This is basically how I taught myself to draw the figure, by drawing this one character repeatedly for five years. The thought of sylph-like forest spirits will always be something that entrances me.

Now, please allow me to momentarily bombard my own page with scenes from the film..... I hope you go out, seek a copy, and watch this incredibly artistic animation!!


  1. Ooooh, this looks amazing!! I love the arches of the forest and the whole feel of these images.. making mental note to get hold of this film. I've also decided to get rid of my TV... it's just not worth the space for the tiny amount of things worth watching on it!! hehe.
    I'll be in touch soon xxx

  2. p.s. hope you'll wake up to a better mood tomorrow :)

  3. Oh, I went to see this movie to a film festival on last Friday and it really impressed me! The animation was very well done and the whole style and atmophere of the film is something unique. : ) The creators surely have a colourful and interesting imagination. :>

  4. Thanks Noora and Amal!! I watched it again the next day, and am eager to do so again..... it's definitely put a spark in my creative thinking... and I'm mulling over something big.........

  5. I can't wait to see it. I love animation movies. Have added it to my Netflicks. Thanks for the review!


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