Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Smoke and Whispers

I like whispy girls. Girls with hair made of mist and wind, eyes of smoke, and hushed whispery voices.

With this in mind... you can imagine, I am sure, how delightfed I was to aquire Mark Ryden's latest beautiful Art Book, with luxurious full page details of the paintings from his last show, the "Snow Yak" series.

Posed with the pages here is my own little whispy porcelain art-doll made by Marie's Garden.


  1. I love your delicate tiny jewel! Stunning!

  2. ohh i completely agree. and i am very jealous of whispy girls. that book is lovely, i am jealous of you too now.

    Ellen at The Raven and the Cellar Door

  3. Thank You for your sweet comments ladies!!!

    ellen, no need to be jealous of the book, you should be able to buy a copy fairly easily, or order it online. It was actually surprisingly "cheap" for such a luxurious heavy art book.

  4. Love the compositions you created here: great eye (and cute doll). The book seems very interesting, too. :)


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