Friday, September 10, 2010

Peaceful Reverie

Peaceful Reverie....depicting a scene that seems to allude to the aftermath of something violent in nature that has not long past. (Violent acts, violent passion, violent exuberance... you can complete the story!)

I am utterly excited to introduce the first artwork I've completed as an Art Exchange! A trade I participated in with the ever-lovely Natalia Pierandrei, a talented young woman whom I have admired for over ten years now. To say I was thrilled when she agreed to embark on this little creative exchange with me is an understatement.... to say that I was excstatic when I saw the artwork she completed for me would be an even bigger understatement.

A friend of mine who saw my finished piece commented that he thought this was my best artwork yet. If that is the case, I am glad it is going to someone as special as nati. I really hope she loves it :-)

You can see the exquisite artwork that nati created specially for me here: Labyrinth
Isn't it gorgeous? I asked for a girl with hair of mist and smoke, dressed in tattered lace and shreds of silk, in a forgotten building overgrown by nature..... putting her in a labyrinth was such a good idea....makes me think the labyrinth was designed so well no-one has been able to get in for a century.....

(I was obviously a lot more demanding than her! She modestly asked for something that was simply "flowery"... isn't she sweet? makes me love her even more!)


  1. Awww, she's so pretty! I should write back soon with all the shipping details...too many emails so few time! Thank you again, Monika!

  2. So beautiful! You both created wonderful characters and atmospheres. So happy for you! :)


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