Friday, February 11, 2011

China Doll

For an absent minded sketch, I like how this little china doll turned out. I think her face is the most "doll"-like of all my drawings so far - hence my un-imaginative title!
I don't usually reach for the yellow when colouring my pieces, but I had this colour pre-mixed on my palette and decided to try for a slightly Korean/Eastern type palette with yellow and fuschia. I like the result :-)


  1. I really really like this! Just goes to show what can happen when your mind wanders! It's loose, but with just the right amount of detail in all the right places! And I think the colour scheme works a treat! :-))) *fangirrrrling*

  2. I really like how her face turned out! : )

  3. Beautiful work Monica! The eyes are mesmerizing.


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