Monday, February 7, 2011

Portrait of the Artist

I count myself lucky, knowing as many talented and creative souls as I do. 
A very dear friend of mine, Laura Jade, gifted me with this emotive little portrait for my birthday. I feel the emotion she has captured here is exquisitely touching, and painfully apparent. I love it, and will always treasure it.

Laura only recently returned from a very long and thorough adventure of Europe. A year ago now, she sent me these two beautiful watercolours that she rendered during her travels.

She has been a huge inspiration, not only on my work but on my life as well,  and I urge you to visit her freshly finished website:



  1. Thankyou Monika, what loverly words! I am just discovering all the treasures on your blog, what a wonderland. I am honored to have such a loverly friend as you xo

  2. Oppps, in case that sounded creepy and 'anonymous'... i'll just let you know that is me! Haha!
    Laura J xo


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