Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Consult

A doodle that I decided I liked, and gave it some colour. I like the allure that something is happening here that we, the viewers, and even I, the artist, are not quite privy to. My mind imagines possible scenarios, each as mysterious as the next.

What is your impression? I'd love to hear...


  1. Very lovely painting! My first impression is that it's summer time. The lady in the painting is getting her fortune told to find out her future love, travel and dreams.

  2. Well then Ashley I HAVE to ask - what's the fortune teller predicting for her? That's what I'm most curious about..... :-)
    And why does a pretty thing like her not know the answers to any of those questions? Is she unlucky? Is she lonely?

    I like imagining in-depth histories for characters, probably why I want to become a character illustrator so much! :-)

  3. She's reaching for something across the table... a lover's hand, or a freshly squeezed tall glass of orange juice! Waiting for someone in a foreign and far-away place!! Hehe, this is fun!

  4. I think she is reaching out to surreptitiously pinch the rather gorgeous lipstick in an unattended handbag!
    Well, I can't have ALL your girls being angelic and sweet! No, this one's a lippy nabber :o)

  5. I like Ashley's idea. There's a dot in the middle of her forehead!! Maybe she's just come back from an Indian wedding and she's feeling lonely and is trying to discover when she'll finally meet "the one" love of her life ;)


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