Wednesday, September 14, 2011

To sketch or not to sketch

I recently read some very inspirational posts by fellow artists who are dedicated and hard-working and make sure they sketch something everyday, keeping themselves in practice and allowing their ideas to constantly evolve and grow from this habit of keeping their minds active.

In particular, I love this beautiful blog "sweet lime" by Terri, whom I have been familiar with as a very talented porcelain artist, and it's delightful to see her style on paper as well.

I can only wish I was in such good form, as much as I love the idea and have attempted it before, I have never been able to follow through with drawing something every single day. I know I would benefit greatly from pushing myself to do this, but I find I prefer to write my ideas down, instead of sketching them. My "sketchbook" looks more like something that belongs to an author, with concepts and characters and storylines written down, almost completely bereft of any figurative work at all. I actually don't like sketching. I feel my sketches come out gangly and awquard. But perhaps this is just it... I just need some serious practice.

At any rate, feeling ashamed that I am not drawing as much as I should, especially that I am seeing so many new and wonderful things here everyday, here is a pen drawing I doodled of a Szigetközi style Hungarian Circle Whip.

And whilst we're on the subject of trying to find a rare visual treat hidden within the depths of my sketchbook, here is a little character quickly done in watercolour. Her costume is inspired by another doll artist, Kamilla of WoodedWoods

Commenting Issues??
 Is anyone else having serious troubles leaving comments on Blogspot Blogs? I have found many blogs rejecting my comments, saying my account does not have "permission" to leave a comment, sign out then sign back in with my google account, but to no avail. Fellow bloggers have also been complaining of this recent anti-comment phenomenon. Has anyone figured out what is going on and how to fix it? I think it is a real shame that we can't leave our support and encouragement for fellow artists, who might be wondering at the sudden lack of feedback on their work.....

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