Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Wanderer

"Not all those who wander are lost." (Tolkien)

Recently I came across - which introduces Ed and Will, two musicians who walk across Britain, singing for their supper. Collecting tales and songs, they can be on the road for many months, even long stints lasting up to 8 or 9 months at a time.

Being on a journey of discovery myself, I was instantly entranced by the notion of their adventures. One of the main reasons I left my comfortable life in Sydney behind was the thought that if I wanted to illustrate and write stories of adventure for children, I would first have to go on a grand adventure myself.
Well, compared to walking around Britain for 7 months, my adventure has been quite tame. How I would love to embark on a journey akin to Ed and Will's. But with winter on it's way, and being a girl, and being alone, I admit that the chilly thought of danger bars my way. I am almost sure that I would be ravaged by wild beasts such as hedgehogs and chinchillas whilst I sleep.

Silliness aside, listening to their voices singing haunting ballads and quivering tales, I found inspiration in their incredible journey, in what they do. I was compelled to capture this inspiration in a watercolour.

Please visit their site, and maybe..... go outside for a walk, amongst the trees and rivers and rocks.

And a perfect example of why I endeavor to always paint in a background first. Because I know myself too well, and once I finish painting the figure, I am so darn pleased with myself that a backdrop seems highly unnecessary. Which is code for the fact that I am lazy.

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  1. This painting, for some odd reason, screams "RUMPELSTILTSKIN!" to me. lol. And I actually love how he looks against the stark white background. It's lovely. <3


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