Thursday, September 1, 2011

Those Dear to Us

I am blessed enough to have some incredibly talented friends, who inspire me every day with their dedication and hard work, and the beautiful worlds they create with their talent and creativity.

Stephanie is a dear friend of mine currently completing her fashion degree and is creating a body of work that is utterly to die for... appropriately titled Memento Mori - Remember, you must die

The photographs were taken by my dear friend Angela Rose of Butterfly Bones - whom I adore to no end and similarly find endless inspiration in. She has been a delight to work with on many occassions, and I cannot wait to get back to Australia to continue to be amazed by her talent and wonderful personality.

The stunning model is another dear friend, Jessica, who has been a muse for some of my watercolours with her delicate angelic features....

I think we are often guilty of forgetting the wealth of talent that surrounds us everday in the form of our friends. I find too often people are entranced by the idea of the "exotic other", creating celebrities out of artists they do not know because there is a shroud of mystery surrounding them, the possibility that they could be some sort of genius. I however, prefer to look to those dear to me, because I know very well the incredible dedication they have devoted to their work, and have seen them progress along their artistic paths, creating beauty and wonder.

So this post is for my dear and talented friends, of whom there are so many more, but this post was just about three of them. Angela, Stephanie and Jessica, keep up the good work, and I am missing you all terribly.


  1. Your friends really are talented! : > And you are very right, I also appreciate my friends` artistic skills (as well as other skills) a lot and I think that it is great to notice talented people around you instead of just admiring some great artists via Internet (for example). : > Although it is fun too!

    The model in the pictures is totally stunning, she is really like a fairy! <3

  2. You have such talented and beautiful friends! And your watercolour is stunning, too. You really captured Jessica's features.


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