Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Refined Weariness

Not at all the sort of imagery I am usually inclined to draw by myself, but I was asked to create a painting of a dark, composed, decided, serious angel. I squirmed when I received this request, as the subject matter isn't my particular cup of tea, especially when the film "Gabriel" was cited as inspiration for the angel's countenance. I decided to steer clear of wings and golden halo, veering the character more towards the idea of someone in human form who has been wandering (fighting demons?) for a very long time, and was etched with weariness.

At any rate I find it interesting that more and more boys are working their way into my drawings. I feel as if I am slowly getting a hang of their features, but still have far to go till I feel they are at the same level of refinement as my flowery girls.

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