Thursday, August 4, 2011

Wind Spirits - Iron Rooster Exhibition

Remember the Iron Rooster performance I took part in?

The City of Győr is hosting an art exhibition based around this same legend, and an invitation was extended to me to take part and submit some work for it. With less than a week to produce both these artworks as well as the illustrations for the Biennale, I had an incredibly intensive few days of non-stop drawing.

As usual I was drawn to the more whimsical aspects of the tale, and decided to depict Zselyke, a wind spirit who is wronged by the Turkish troops who occupied Győr during Ottoman rule.

During the residency I was able to try my hand at paper making, and created three textural circular sheets. I wanted to keep a very ephemeral, whimsical feel for these illustrations, so besides very pale washes of watercolour, I also used a pin to prick lace patterns through the paper.

Cutting silhouettes from thick card I ran this through an etching press under high pressure, which embedded these shapes into the thick textural paper. Heavy colours and lots of paint would have detracted from the subtle textural details of the pin marks and dimensional

I tried desperately to get some good shots of the texture and detail, but I am missing my nice Nikon D90 something terrible... this little digital joke is not comparing in the least!!! But anyway, I hope these give a feel for the piece at any rate....

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