Thursday, August 25, 2011

Csoda Szarvas - the mystical stag

Finally... an etching!!

When I was invited to take part in the Győr International Art Symposium it was as a printmaker, to work in copper and create a series of etchings. Intaglio Printmaking is not so straightforward, and faced with delays, miscalculations and studio unfamiliarity, the pieces I did create I deemed unfit to be exhibited as they were in an unfinished state.

I was lucky enough for the Museum to extend their generosity and I was allowed to stay for another two weeks to come to some sort of etching conclusion, which I found in this piece, inspired by the Legend of the Mystical Stag (Csoda Szarvas Legendája)

Printed on heavyweight professional Fabriano paper, 50 x 71cm in white ink.... I am happy with her : )
Now I have to edition the print, but I'll be keeping it a very small print run, of only 5 copies.

 I wanted to retain a ghostly, barely there quality to the image, hence the white ink and minimal linework.

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