Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Wild - A Vad

I decided to title this piece in Hungarian, "a vad"-  which is difficult to translate so simply into English, as it means something along the lines of the wild game, or the wild creature, and simply "the wild" doesn't have such a good ring to it in Englis., I'm open to it having a different name entirely in English, but haven't decided yet. So far "a vad" is the name I feel fits. People often give their work French titles, even when they are not French. I'm not opposed to my work being multilingual : )

I completed the highly limited print- run (only 5 in this edition), titled and signed the etchings today.
The Edition is printed on an A2 scale (50cm wide x 71 cm tall) on quality Fabriano Printmaking paper.

As well as the Edition of 5, I played around with inking the plate in different ways, and created a few Artist Proof's as a bleed-print (35cm wide by 50cm tall)

This is a part of printmaking that I really enjoy, getting to play around with how different colours change the mood of the piece. The photographs really don't do this any justice at all, I managed to mix a really nice apple green colour...

If anyone would be interested in supporting my arty travels by purchasing an original etching, let me know (monimano at hotmal dot com)

I don't think I'll be creating another etching for a while, the opportunity I was given to do so here in the graphics studio at Győr was a very rare and lucky chance for me to create this print run.

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