Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Hunters and The Prey

After the most intensive few days of non-stop drawing I finished my entry for the 2011 Biennale of Drawing and Graphic Arts. I really hope they accept my work, otherwise.... I might cry, heehee.
The Hunters and The Prey, or, The Legend of the Mystical Stag....

I think that, even without knowing the Hungarian Legend of the "Csoda Szarvas" (mystical white stag) a pretty appropriate idea of the story can be garnered from these two illustrations... well, I hope!!

Some detail shots of "The Hunters"
Eyeing off their prey....

Out of interest, daunted and with waning hours before me, I set about completing "The Hunters" in a completely different way from my usual method. I usually work on each individual part of the drawing separately, but here I decided to block in the colours individually. I work on the skin very  last, always, as a rule....

At this stage it all still seems so daunting... I am so happy to have them done, phew!!

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