Thursday, August 25, 2011

Three Winds - Details

Some closer shots of the little pin-pricks and facial features.....


  1. I really like the third picture you posted, her face looks so sultry somehow :) <3 kimmi

    P.S. Whenever I try to post a comment, I always have to try like five times, it never seems to work the first time...?

  2. Hi Kimmi - I have no idea why blogger is giving you a hard time with commenting, I have found this too with a lot of the blogs I have been trying to comment on, which is frustrating because in the end I leave it, and the artists doesn't get my feedback, which we are all so hungry for!!
    (so thanks for the persistence and going through with the comment leaving!!)

  3. These girls are so sweet! Their features look gorgeous in the delicate tones you used. I also like the idea to draw them as "tondi" (on circular paper I mean).
    Let me see if I aslo encounter Kimmi's problems...

  4. went right through...maybe the difference is that I am submitting as a Google user?

  5. I try using google accounts, aol accounts, etc and anonymous is all that seems to work. I guess it just hates me, hehe ;) <3 kimmi


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