Sunday, July 17, 2011

The tale of the Iron Rooster

The members of the Art Symposium were asked to take part in one of Győr's festivals, revolving around the tale of the "Vas Kakas" (rooster weathervane). A Turkish style bazaar was set up in the Baroque Town Center, with cushions and tents and Tea Houses serving yummy Apple flavoured tea.

A long roll of paper was spread out and we were divided into 7 parts to each illustrate a scene from the tale, which is a modern version of the original story of when the Ottoman Turks had control over the city, and had proposed that the city of Győr would never fall under the rule of Hungarians again - not until the iron rooster crows. According to legend a daring youth climbed up one dawn and began to crow, which the superstitious Ottoman's took as a warning of their impeding doom and fled.

I (with some minor vocal persuasion) managed to secure myself the scene where the Turks happen upon a group of fairies, and capturing the youngest cut off her magical hair.

From left to right, here is my contribution to the comic...

The faeries frolick in the woods, as is their custom....

The Turks charge, the faeries turn to wind and flee...

The youngest is captured, and her magical hair is cut off...

Humiliated and deprived of her magical powers, the youngest Faery Zselyke weeps alone in the woods.
A young magician comes to her rescue ...

At the end of the night I hung out and watched the performances and drank tea to warm myself up.
This is the second performance and community festival I have taken part in since arriving in Győr less than two months ago... I'm doing well :-D


  1. I've been really enjoying all your post about your travels. Can't wait to see what inspirations come to your paintings when you get back.

  2. Aww, that's such a sad tale about the fairy losing her hair. Lovely artwork!


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