Friday, July 15, 2011

International Art Residency and Symposium

To my immense joy, I have been invited to take part in the 43rd International Art Symposium and Residency hosted in the Győr Art Museum, starting on Monday July 11th. Eleven artists selected from across Hungary and overseas will be taking part, with three weeks to create a body of work reflecting our individual interpretations of the theme "Role Change". I will be using both watercolour paints and Copperplate Etching techniques to bring my visions to fruition.

Briefly, I decided to create a small series of illustrations inspired by the Hungarian Folktales and Ancient Legends that I grew up on. Born in Australia, but raised Hungarian, I feel similarly at home in both cultures, yet this also means I am not wholly a part of either. The folktales I listened to as a little girl, I had to envision in my own way, not having ever seen Hungarian soil till now. The characters and legends playing out in my childhood mind in a dreamlike mixture of what I knew - Australian flora and fauna, and what I could only imagine - the mythical plains and rich forests of central Europe.


  1. It's going to be great! Nothing better than being inspired by our own background and personal history! Congratulations, dear Monika! :)


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