Sunday, July 17, 2011

Baranta Portrait

The first few days of the residency were spent getting settled into the studio's and accommodation, and getting used to two free meals a day at a restaurant that serve up huge portions. The starving artist's barely know what to do with so much free food, but somehow, bravely and valliantly, we manage.

As a "warm up" I paint the above portrait on the first day of studio work... but it turned out so nicely I will exhibit it as one of the final pieces. The model was one of my Baranta friends, and I tried to capture something of that fierce warrior spirit that I see shining in her.

I'm a bit devastated about my pathetic excuse of a camera, I will try to suss out a scanner at some point.


  1. That portrait is beautiful Monika. It seems to have a different style somehow than many of your previous portraits, but I don't know how to describe what exactly is different. But I really like it :)

    ~Kimmi <3

  2. Lovely portrait. You captured her fierceness perfectly.

  3. Beautiful both for the intense expression on her lovely features and the great rendering of her shawl. It's so satisfying when something so wonderful just happens and goes so much farther than our original intentions! Cheers!


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