Saturday, July 30, 2011

Little Bird, carry my letter home

Little Bird, little bird, carry my letter, carry my letter...

My third watercolour to complete the small illustration project for the Art Symposium was inspired by one of my favourite Hungarian Folksongs "Madárka madárka" (Little bird little bird) The singer asks a bird to carry their letter home to their beautiful (Hungarian) Country. The second stansa tells the bird that if the receiver should ask who the letter is from, to tell them it is from someone who's heart will break from woe and heart ache.

Let me share some of the progress shots I took whilst I was working . I try to remember to take these working shots now, as I like seeing the final image slowly emerge.

The three watercolours have since gone to be framed, and hopefully scanned - as "Madárka Madárka" is now part of the Permanent Collection of the Győr Art Museum!!!


  1. It looks like beautiful!! :> I`d love to see the finished painting too..!

  2. This is looking absolutely gorgeous. It has a really delicate feeling c:


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