Saturday, July 16, 2011

Week One at the International Art Symposium

During the week the artists taking part in the 43rd International Art Symposium and Residency slowly begin to trickle in. By the end of the week there is over 11 of us, working is a few different studio spaces scattered across the city of Győr.

There is a nice little group of us in the "Graphics Studio". With three etching presses and a Litho press, I am excited to get back into Printmaking.. but the copper won't arrive till next week, so I am given a set of watercolours and some beautiful paper to work with in the meantime instead.

I feel like I haven't had the luxury of sitting down and spending days on one single drawing for months now, so I relish in some very intricate details and curling patterns...

I have missed having a drawing desk with all my materials flung about in a wonderful mess... it feels good to be back at it....

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