Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Opening Night

The exhibition for the 43rd International Art Symposium hosted in Győr opened at 6o'clock on the 30th. My works are exhibited in a room alongside two incredible young female artists, Farkas Zsuzsi and Molnár Dóra.

Dressed in green with fellow artist Dora Molnár...

Zsuzsi is a fellow aspiring children's book illustrator and I found myself utterly charmed by her work.

Dori was my muse for both the "cerceruska" and "madárka madárka" illustrations I am exhibiting. Her tongue-in-cheek lino cuts are printed on handmade paper she made herself during the residency.

At the end of the night I was graced with the honour of placing third in the people's/critic's choice awards. For me this was a huge distinction as first and second place went to very distinguished and accomplished practicing artists. What a wonderful closure for three absolutely amazing weeks!!


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