Monday, July 18, 2011

Progress on Devil Rose

One of the folk-stories I decided to illustrate during my residency at the Győri Art Symposium is the tale of Devil Rose, the devil's youngest daughter who takes a strong fancy to a prince who has been improsined in the underworld. To help him complete a set of three tasks for his freedom, she cracks her whip, and hoardes of demons come to her aid to do her bidding.

Here are some shots whilst I was working on the piece. It is on an A2 scale, so much MUCH larger than my usual work (A5 - A4). I decided to illustrate the "demons" as Australian Tasmanian Devils.

The girl that I asked to pose for this piece had an incredible expression, and I knew she would be perfect for the role. A certain nonchalant intenstity mixed with a pale beauty.

My hand cramped up by the time I finished her skirt. I took this as a sign to go and have a filling lunch and rest up a bit. There is a Turkish themed festival happening so I lay down on some cushions with a glass of Apple flavoured tea and enjoy the festivities happening in the city of Győr.


  1. I whole-heartedly agree with Shayla. My favorite part of this piece is the open shirt, with all the folds, but it's all so pretty. *hugs*


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