Saturday, October 22, 2011

100 Blog Followers Give Away

Hurray!! You little lovelies just helped my little hide-out here reach 100 followers!
I find it strange and wonderful that the 100th follower happened to be one of my dearest friends (what took her so long?) But that makes it extra special (Luna you're number 100!)

But as promised, I said we should do something special to celebrate. Being far from home I can't offer a Giclee Print like I usually would, so instead.....

Leave a comment below to show your support, (feel free to include any shmoozing about what it is about my work that you like, I love the insights people offer!) and a week from today (that'll be the 28th of October!) I'll pick someone to send a few of my postcards to, as well as a hand-drawn thank-you card!

Thanks for all of your support darlings, it keeps me strong and focused!! xx


  1. Yay, congrads on your 100th follower :D

  2. Congratulations! You know your blog is always very entertaining and inspiring and the attention you are receiving is absolutely deserved. Also the artistic content is remarkable, as is the evolution of your style, especially in this later period (the girl in the Post Pastel and Brush is splendid). Keep it up and soon we will be celebrating the 200 followers! :)

  3. Shmooze shmooze Shmooooozing you!! Hehe. 100 followers is RAD!! How exciting! And you only needed me at the last minute. I'm really excited i'm following you *I only just figured out how..yes i'm newish to this tag game* because you rock. X

  4. I know I am too late....silly me ! (lucky Astera :) hehe CONGRATS) but I want to participate anyway...can I?
    What I love about your work?
    Its delicacy, femininity, the subtle colors you orchestrate so well which give your work its very characteristic "antique" feel. The originality of your faces and differences of characters, the fact that you use your friends as models (how lovely !)and most of all the sensitivity you have which can be seen in the traits and expressions of your characters. Oh did I mention that I think you draw fabrics magnifically?
    And I looove it when you draw kids and animals (or semi-animals ^_^).
    Ok :) Next time ! (200 come soon!).


Oh! How did you know? I absolutely adore comments, thank you! :-) I appreciate all the feedback I get xx