Friday, October 28, 2011

Progress on Grey Rose

A couple of glimpses at "Grey Rose" as I was working on her....

The first few layers of watercolour....

And after an intense day of painting, her detailed dress is completed. Stripes are much harder to paint than spots, I have discovered.... but I do love the final effect!

PS. This isn't her final title. I'm having trouble. The folktale she was inspired by is called "The Black Faced Young Lady" - but I decided to veer away from that image. She has eleven sisters who turn into wolves (see the previous post!!) but titling the triptych "Twelve" or "Twelve Wolves" or similar seems blunt and uncreative. I'm stuck.... any suggestions?


  1. Hm... what about "Prisoners of the Shadows"? But Grey Rose sounds pretty good to me. :)

  2. exquisite and I love seeing steps along the way and hearing about stripes.

  3. wow you are reeeally really good :O *-*

  4. Thanks ladies, you're all adorably sweet :-)


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