Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Emerging Lines

Lately I’ve preferred to start work and finish one piece before beginning on another, but I had to halt progress on my last piece (the descent) as I didn’t have enough reference material at hand (where is a coral reef when you need one??)

So I began work on this next one, and I have to say, I am just a little thrilled at how she is turning out.

Originally, because of the folktale she was inspired by, I had intended to paint the piece in monochrome blacks and greys, including her face. But I just can’t imagine it. She seems so soft to me, and I felt she was crying out for a paler palette. When I am undecided like this I will often do a little colour study like this one:

Yup… pink and grey it shall be!!


  1. this blog has had a make-over!

  2. Pink is always a good choice.
    The folds of that dress are just precious! I can see how this project took you over. :)

  3. Luke - hehe yes, a PINKover!

    Astera - thanks darling, I was determined to get them done in one sitting, because I knew proctrastination would get th better of me if I didn't!!

  4. I know the feeling!
    BTW, I am so proud of how well you are doing in your European adventure. This new teaching position will give you wonderful growth opportunities and time to dedicate yourself to art. Way to go!


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