Friday, November 4, 2011

The Twelfth Sister

Aaaaaaand... she is finished! Allow me to introduce you to my latest painting...

The Grey Rose, or, The Twelfth Sister

The central panel for a triptych inspired by a Hungarian Folk Tale about a curse that binds twelve sisters to an old mansion deep within the woods.
Here is a detail shot of her porcelain features. Unusually for me I left her hair quite simple, no miniature flower garden. But her dress is so detailed I felt that it, her pose, and expression should be the focus.

Here is the entire composition. I initally left a lot of room above her as I wanted to paint a few shadow wolves leaping around... but I am torn, the composition seems so nice with the blank space above her.

What do you think... add a couple of shadow beasts??


  1. I like her very much. She is so expressive and her dress captivates me.
    I can see your dilemma...I would be terrified at the idea of adding anything to a seemingly perfect piece at this point. On the other hand, she is the Twelfth Sister and there are only 9 shadow beasts in the other panels... so logic kind of demands the appearance of the final 2 beasts somewhere. If you add them skillfully (as I know you can do ;)), they will tie the triptych well. This is a hard decision, might want to make a few trials with photoshop, before touching the original...
    I am crossing my fingers for you. ;)

  2. Thanks SO much Astera.. I was thinking of changing this from a triptych into a.... quintych? How would you say a 5 panel piece? by adding two smaller panels either side, each with one wolf. It would turn the piece into a little more of an installation rather than a single installation...

  3. I wouldn't add anything to this pic. It looks perfect just the way it is.

  4. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!! Quite serious in comparison to your usual work, slightly... heavier perhaps? In the best possible way! I like! ♥

  5. Hi Ilona... heavy is good.. it's very good :-} I tried to get a bit of seriousness into these new works, so that is lovely to hear!


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