Monday, December 5, 2011

My Sweet Mother’s Rose Tree

Something hopelessly romantic from me again :-}

Almost every Hungarian folksong will open with a verse somehow relating to nature, and references to flowers or birds often allude to the girl being sung about. One of my favourite songs opens with the line: “My Sweet mother’s rose tree.” Further along in the same song the two lines that inspired this piece translate roughly as: 

“I would recommend for everyone, that dreams are better than love,
Because dreams bring you calm, whereas love is only heartache.”

Édesanyám Rózsafája
“Mindenkinek azt ajánlom, a szerelemnél jobb az álom,
Mert az álom nyugodalom, a szerelem csak szív fájdalom.”

I’ve happily become acquainted with a fantastic local band here in Győr called Arabona, who re-work a lot of traditional Hungarian folksongs when they perform, and this one really wrung my heart - like any good hapless romantic. When I am painting I always listen to music, and I find that often what I am listening to will begin to inspire the mood of the piece inadvertently. Quite often a line from a song will end up becoming the title because the two can no longer be separated for me. Whilst I was painting this one I was listening to Florence and the Machine, and another verse caught my attention that seemed equally fitting:

“No more calling like a crow, for a boy, for a body in the garden.
No more dreaming like a girl, so in love, so in love with the wrong one.”

I’m debating painting the shadow of a rose tree spreading out above her. But we will see. Hope you like her!


  1. reading this gave me tingles, that Florence song is so powerful. This is an utterly beautiful picture.

  2. Monika, it's amazing, so adoreable! I promise, I'll sing for you more and more beautiful hungarian folk songs and what is more I'll dedicate this song for you on our next concert :) I'm so glad to meet you. Best regards, Niki

  3. Beautiful drawing and you expressed the dreamy and romantic mood wonderfully!

  4. I love it Monika ♥ both the painting and your inspiration behind it.

  5. Splendid and so delicate! Her hands are so wonderful I can't stop looking at them. :)


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