Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Botanist's Daughter

Bereft of a more poetic title, I imagine the girl to be the daughter of a botanist, spending time in the green-house... imagining instead she was in a tangled and untamed jungle, free and wild.

Last year I mentioned my determination to finish colouring all the pieces I had previously started. This piece is another small victory in that mammoth task. I think I have 7 left now.
Drawing comes much quicker to me than the colouring stage. I will often feel colouring a piece I am either fond of or fear to be complicated very daunting, and have been known to put off finishing those pieces for years.
I am happy to have finally finished this one - I drew it about a year and a half ago!!!


  1. Wow, I'm (almost) inspired to finish my daughter's portrait I started over a year ago. Maybe even the one I started 8 years ago. I don't even know where that one is. Maybe I'll just start a new doll. Or take a nap!

    I like the painting very much! You've been very busy lately, keep it up!

  2. Beautiful! I think it's a great title, I LOVE the idea :)

  3. Hihi! Kelly - you can always see when I have time off, it leads to productivity on the artistic side! I begged for 5 days off for my birthday, and I've been happily spending it art-making :-)
    Oh.. and I say forget the drawings, make more dolls!!!! :-)

    June- thank youuuu!!! The title seems bland, but I was taken with the concept :-)


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