Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Etsy Sale!

After much deliberation I have decided to host a little sale on my etsy, and have listed some of my dear watercolours at very low prices.

The originals that were already listed and are a bit older have also all received discounted prices, and base postage costs (ie, just the cost of one stamp, if it costs more to post, then I'll take care of it).
Some of my originals are now close to the price most sellers ask for digital prints.

I'd love to see them find new homes :-)


  1. Of Lace and Moss! That is a fabulous name! I really would like to buy one of your prints. I think I am going to sometime next week! I am sooo excited!!!

  2. Dearest Monika, I have just received my package from you! Thank you so much again for doing your little contest, it's really too sweet of you to keep giving things away ;) The little button pins are adorable and the postcard is lovely, I will definitely be putting these to use! Thank you again! <3

    P.S.--your notes are always so charming, how do you get such perfect handwriting?

  3. Lovely Shayla - I have a little offering, the first ten people to purchase one of my Giclee Prints will also receive a bonus print for free... ten haven't sold yet, so you'd get one too! :-)

    Kimmi - from being an artist ;-)


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