Sunday, January 23, 2011

Art Theft - Postcard heist

I'm not talking someone copying your drawing and calling it their own, or even literally copy pasting on the internet... I'm talking literally...

One of my beautiful models, who also happens to be a very dear friend of mine, was celebrating her birthday earlier this January.  As a little present for her I bundled up a couple of my postcards, particularly the ones featuring illustrations she had posed for, and those of our mutual friends.

She is an exquisitely beautiful girl, and a very sweet soul.

A few minutes ago, she rang me in sadness, to tell me her neighbour brought over the shredded remains of the envelope and the letter I had written to her, wishing her a very Happy Brithday. He had found them tossed on his front lawn, the postcards were however, gone.

To the theif who decided that $3.50 is too much to spend on my art, but none the less admired it enough to steal it....  thanks for liking my work, but a real shame you were low enough to rifle through someone elses mail and steal it.

For future reference, you can find my postcards for sale in my Etsy Shop

You can buy them individually, in packs of five, or in packs of ten.....


  1. Wow...that is the most rude thing I have ever heard about. Seriously, it is something you made too...not something you bought. What an asshole, I hope Karma catches up to that person real fast.

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  3. Huh, totally unbelievable! :---o I don`t get it, how can anyone dare to do something like that, so pitiful... The theft could have just bought them if he/she wanted them so badly. :/ I am sorry that something like that happened to you.
    (my first comment was a little bit mess so I rewrote it :---))

  4. I don't think the thief knew that MY particular artworks were in there... I think they saw the parcel and hoped it contained, I dont know, cash or jewellery or something else they could sell off.
    I'm surprised if it was such a person they didn't just discard the postcards too in frustration... must mean they liked my artworks and decided to keep them.

    It's just such a shame such people exist, stealing other people's mail, what a shame.

    It doesn't affect me so much, I'll figure out how to send a new parcel to my friend via more secure means!!

  5. That's so despicable, especially for such tender and personal gift. Such a shame.

  6. that is just ...I don't really have the words actually - but it does prove to me one thing I have suspected for quite a while; some humans are stupid and rather scary in what they think is 'ok' to get away with :(

    *hugs to your friend*


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