Saturday, August 15, 2009

Creative Space

With all twelve drawings for the exhibition done, and an imminent house-relocation looming, I realised my little drawing desk might not get used again for a while, as things will have to start making their way into cardboard boxes.

I could not help taking this picture, showing the way it has been set up for me these past couple of months.

Quite meagre, really. I blush to think of all the expensive art materials my mum bought me when I was younger and learning to draw. Thinking that with nice materials, surely nice work would follow.

Now that I'm finally beginning to create work I'm proud of, I use 2 brushes (one for water and one for painting), and some old grimy CD cases with dabs of watercolours. How ironic : )


  1. hello lovely, it was great to bump into you on friday :] just wanted to say i LOVE your babushka dolls!! hope the move goes well xx

  2. ooooo I was wondering who on earth this was!! heehee, I'll come and have a look at your crack horse house blog now too :-x

  3. you still at rose terrace? i'll be at nas tonight if you're around...later in the night we'll be cracking up with boggle eyes if you wanna dance with us? you have my mobile number don't you?


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