Sunday, August 16, 2009

Woodland Boutique

Things that made me happy this week:

-strawberries were huge and on sale

-I saw a preview of an artwork being made for me by artist Marina Bychkova (more on her later)

-My new job is fantastic. I even love hours of blackening rings "great!"

-My love will be comming home in under 2 weeks

-My Exhibition is in 2 weeks (wah!!!!)

and lastly, I received some gorgeous pocket mirrors and tiny pin-back buttons with my art on them, Hurray!!

This called for a new look to my etsy shop, where I sell originals and merchandise featuring my art year round.

~ ~


  1. Oh I love your items on etsy! I'm obsessed with buttons. I used to have a whole collection, but sadly they were lost in the last move, years ago. It shames me to think of the fact that I can't even afford a button right now, but I swear I shall be buying one of yours as soon as I can manage. I'm in love with the Sparrow Child one. Maybe Sparrow is one of my favorite pieces of yours. Right along side The Forgotten Garden - 2 and Of Lace and Moss - 3. <3 *hugs!*

  2. Oh! Hi Monika!
    I just saw your blog today , and would like to link up with you if I may ~*~*
    Beautiful blog and beautiful art!!!!

  3. Thankyou Noxy and Mia! What sweet compliments to receive from both of you!! =:x

  4. Lovely work Monika...grin... have fun on your Exhibition... I wish you well...smiles~

  5. Hi Monika, All the best for your exhibition.

  6. Your shop is really beautiful :)) I love it !


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