Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Locket and the Lullaby

Still unsure as to which account I prefer, I'm trying out an identical post in both. I'd appreciate any feedback in helping me decide, so please visit here too:

This piece is officially the eleventh one for my little group show, which is in less than a month! I am incredibly excited. A slightly different format here, originally I planned to add an elaborately drawn frame, hence the oval border.

Oh, before I forget: I draw straight with pen onto paper. So there aren't any pencil lines put down first, hence why the mistakes are permanent. I don't mind them too much, which is so contrary to how I used to work. A drawing could take me weeks, of meticulously drawing every line in pencil, and erasing every single mistake, until I felt the image was perfect. I never thought I could draw like this and be happy and satisfied...

I'm currently working on the twelth (and last) image for the show. I want to finish it soon, because it looks like from now on I'll have to concentrate on boxing all my belongings in preparation for a house move.


  1. I do like this blog better. More horizontal space around the image and more links. Go blogger!

  2. Exactly, it's all the link's I can add that suckered me in.
    The "behind the scenes" part though is not as neat or easy or efficient as wordpress, but I guess no one but me sees that anyway!


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